Easy Breakfast Idea for Lazy Mornings

Sometimes I sleep in (pretty rarely, unfortunately) and it’s too late for breakfast, too early for lunch, and I’m not hungry enough/up to it to make a big ol’ brunch. Or sometimes I have to go to class and don’t have enough time to cook up a storm. SOOO, I sometimes kind of randomnly mash simple stuff together using the easiest possible ingredients.

I also usually try to make them a bit more energizing to help me wake up a bit. Usually that means bread, bananas, nuts, orange juice, or instant oatmeal with toppings on it–things with carbohydrates, like sugar, and protein. Not exactly the most nutrient-rich, but they will give you a boost strong enough to get you to class or to tide you over until you get to the coffee shop.



Banana Toast: Two Ways

By Noela Published: March 30, 2013

  • Yield: 2 pieces (1 or 2 Servings)

This is so easy that if I were to make a summary, it'd be the whole recipes.



  1. Ingredients: ASSMEBLE
  2. Toast your bread. This is cinnamon swirl bread that I bought at the Tempe Farmer's Market. Ohhhhhhh yeaaaaa.
  3. Put cream cheese on one and peanut butter on the other. Then cover them in bananas. 😀