Squeeze Pouch Recipe – Avocado Delight

Squeeze pouches are pretty popular these days with kids and infants. But they don’t have to just be limited to kids! These squeeze pouch recipes are also perfect for any adult or teen on the go that needs a healthy, dairy free, quick vegan snack. This squeeze pouch recipe was created by me with whatever […]

Gourmet Vegan Grilled-Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches have become sort of a paradigm in my life. They were my favorite food growing up and I ate them in all sorts of ways: in stick shapes, without crust, with different kinds of cheeses. I don’t know, grilled cheeses are just awesome and delicious. In high school, my friend Nikki and […]

Vegan Pigs in A Blanket

I had left over pizza dough from my italian flag veggie pizza the other night and I realized I had vegan cheese slices and veggie dogs on hand–totally by accident! I jumped on the opportunity to make vegan pigs in a blanket!!! I regret not having more dough though. I could only make three. Try these out for […]


The first time I made these, I was so shocked by how delicious they turned out that I immediately grabbed my camera and snapped a shot of them because I knew right then and there that I would have to tell someone about them! This is one of my favorite vegan comfort foods, especially topped […]

Hearty Tofurky Bagel Sandwich

I like to make this when I get back from class and I have too much work to do to cook anything  big and time-consuming. It is hearty and healthy and pretty filling! Serve with soymilk as a drink. Or, you know, whatever drink you prefer. Similar Recipes: Grilled Tofurky and Daiya Cheese Sandwich Vegan […]

Grilled Tofurky and Daiya Cheese Sandwich

This is a very simple, absolutely delicious little sandwich. It is my favorite vegan version of a grilled cheese sandwich because it gives the bread the same crispy butterieness along with the same melted cheesieness that we all love and miss! Feel free to add whatever other fixings you like, such as tomatoes, spinach, or […]