Raw Vegan Green Hummus

I have created this recipe based on two inspirations: a raw hummus recipe I found in a cookbook once, and on one of my favorite hummuses, Trader Joe’s Cilantro Jalapeno hummus. The original recipe was made with red bell bepper and different seasonings. The recipe from the cookbook used different seasonings and red bell pepper, […]

How to Drain your Tofu!

As you may know, tofu is stored in a little tub of water at the stores and since tofu is absorbent, that means it’s full of water when you first open it. When I first started cooking tofu, it took me awhile to realize why draining tofu is a good thing. Tofu absorbs much more […]

New Foods: Leahey Gardens and Road’s End Organic Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

Are you a vegan? Do you got the blues over not being able to eat Kraft Mac n’ Cheese? Do you miss quick-and-convenient macaroni and cheese products? Then Roads End Organics and Leahey Gardens are for you! These brands both provide delicious vegan-friendly versions of your favorite childhood convenience foods. Road’s End Organics (by Edward & Sons) has a […]

The Viable Vegan Shopping List!

Like I said, I have been working hard to stay within my budget when it comes to food shopping. If you’re like me, you’re not going to have too much extra money to spend on movies/clothes/fun unfortunately. So, after learning what I can and can’t (or shouldn’t) buy, this is the list of necessities that […]

What Is A Vegan?

Although it hasn’t been as popular as it is today, veganism has been around for quite awhile. Leonardo da Vinci became a vegetarian–and there is good evidence to suggest he didn’t consume dairy either–when he was a little boy because he didn’t want to eat anything from an animal. The term “vegan” actually was coined by […]