Squeeze Pouch Recipe – Morning Apple

Squeeze pouch recipe for breakfast. Squeeze Pouches are not only awesome for babies and toddlers, but adults, kids and teens can enjoy them too! Most squeeze pouch recipes you find here will be vegan and taste awesome. I use them on my own little one šŸ™‚ We are using the Infantino Squeeze Pouch Station sold […]

Squeeze Pouch Recipe – Avocado Delight

Squeeze pouches are pretty popular these days with kids and infants. But they don’t have to just be limited to kids! These squeeze pouch recipes are also perfect for any adult or teen on the go that needs a healthy, dairy free, quick vegan snack. This squeeze pouch recipe was created by me with whatever […]

Cashew Almond Butter with Honey, Cinnamon and Vanilla

This is a crazy, easy to make, homemade vegan nut butter. WARNING! This nut butter is insanely good and addictive. Your friends and family will be begging you to make more. Vegans, you can buy a honey substitute called Bee Free Honee here.For non-vegans use local honey instead! It’s amazing! Similar Recipes: Kale: My Week […]

How to Cook Vegan Sweet & Sour Tofu in Less than 30 Minutes!

Chinese cuisine has been a part of our lives more than any other cuisines in the world. And in different ways we have added bits and portions to make our own Chinese cuisine to suit our taste buds. Most of their recipes are easy to cook, takes little time and are quite tasty and lip […]

Vegan Vegetable Kale Soup

Making soups is one of my favorite entree’s to prepare for my family. It’s usually super quick and super easy to throw something very tasty together. I made this vegetable and kale soup tonight but I actually didn’t have the cannedĀ tomatoes. Next time I will add them. This soup was devoured by my daughter and […]

Tropical Tomato Replenish

This juicing recipe is super tasty. Very tropical with a hint of citrus due to theĀ pineappleĀ juice added. Be careful, you may drink it as fast as water. Similar Recipes: Vegan Vegetable Kale Soup Hearty Tofurky Bagel Sandwich